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Microsoft Web Camp in Singapore on June 4 and 5

Hello Everyone,

Are you interested in learning how new innovations in Microsoft's Web Platform and developer tools like ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 can make you a more productive web developer?

If you're currently working with PHP, Ruby, ASP or older versions of ASP.NET and want to hear how you can create amazing websites more easily, then register for a Web Camp near you today!

Microsoft's Web Camps are free, two-day events that allow you to learn and build on the Microsoft Web Platform. At camp, you will hear from Microsoft experts on the latest components of the platform, including ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Entity Framework, IIS, Visual Studio 2010 and much more.

Web Camps also provide the opportunity to get hands on with labs and get creative by building in teams. All this with Microsoft experts on hand to guide you through.

The goal for Web Camps is to give you a jumpstart training on building rich web applications using the latest innovations from the Microsoft Web Platform.

Location: Microsoft Auditorium, Level 21 NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard.
Microsoft Singapore

Here’s the planned AGENDA for Day 1 of the event:

08:30-09:00am - Arrival and Beverages

09:00-09:15am - Welcome and agenda for the event

09:15-10:30am - A Lap around the Microsoft Web Platform and ASP.NET Overview

The Web Camp begins with a lap around the Microsoft Web Platform and tools, exploring its components and how they work together allowing you to quickly create powerful standards-based Websites that offer rich end-user experiences. We'll also learn how the Web Platform Installer makes installing and platform and exciting applications super simple.

We'll also take a look at ASP.NET and how it offers developers a choice when building rich, standards-based web applications with ASP.NET Web Forms and/or ASP.NET MVC.

10.30-10.45am - Break

10.45-12:00pm - Building a rich web application

Part 1: Getting started with MVC & Entity Framework

This is the first of three sessions in which we will walk through building a simple application. We'll learn how easy and powerful the Microsoft Web Platform and how it is greater than the sum of its parts.

In Part 1, we'll get started building our application in Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET MVC and the Entity Framework. To start we will learn some of the fundamentals of ASP.NET MVC including the Model-View-Controller approach and how it works. Next, we will learn how the Entity Framework makes creating data-driven web applications really easy by providing a powerful ORM that we can leverage throughout our application.

12:00-01:00pm - Lunch

01:00-02:15pm - Building a rich web application

Part 2: Deeper into MVC and new features

With our application’s data layer in place, in Part 2 we'll learn how our data models are used throughout ASP.NET MVC and make it easy to wire up data to business logic and UI to quickly get it up and running. We'll explore how new features in ASP.NET MVC 2 simplify data validation and where HTML Helpers make coding against our model easier with templated and strongly-typed helpers. In addition, as our application grows in size and complexity we want to ensure the code is well organized and also reusable – we can use new features like Areas and RenderPartial in ASP.NET MVC 2 for this. We’ll also touch on a few new features in Visual Studio 2010 that help us be more productive when finding and using our code.

02:15-03:30pm - Building a rich web application

Part 3: jQuery and simplified web application deployment

In Part 3, we will explore techniques to add “sizzle” to your web application on the client-side with jQuery and its powerful selection engine, network stack and animations. All of this is made possible by ASP.NET MVC on the server side and we’ll also take a look at how the two work together with JSONResult and how we can use jQuery for validation too. With the application taking shape, we’ll learn how to take the pain away from deployment with Visual Studio 2010 and Web Deploy including new features like publishing profiles, multiple configuration settings and options for database migration that make life simple.

03:30-03:45pm - Break

03:45-04:30pm - Getting the most out of IIS with IIS Extensions and wrap up for the day.

To wrap up the day, we'll explore how to get the most of IIS with IIS Extensions like the SEO Toolkit, URL Rewriter and Database Manager and also give an overview of programs like WebsiteSpark that provide tools and servers for no upfront cost.

04:30-05:00pm - Ask the expert Questions

05:00-06:00pm - InstallFest and Day 2 Agenda

Day 2 is available to get our hands dirty with labs (to be installed on your own laptop) and also to work building apps in teams. The best apps at the end of the day will win prizes!

To view complete agenda, click here

If you want to attend, then click here to Register now:

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