Thursday, May 27, 2010

Download Defensive Database Programming e-book


Recently, Alex Kuznetsov has written a book "Defensive Database Programming". You can download it free from Red Gate

Here are the contents of the Book:

Chapter 1: Basic Defensive Database Programming Techniques
Chapter 2: Code Vulnerabilities due to SQL Server Misconceptions
Chapter 3: Surviving Changes to Database Objects
Chapter 4: When Upgrading Breaks Code
Chapter 5: Reusing T-SQL Code
Chapter 6: Common Problems with Data Integrity
Chapter 7: Advanced Use of Constraints
Chapter 8: Defensive Error Handling

The paid versions of this book contain two additional chapters: Chapter 9, Surviving Concurrent Queries and Chapter 10, Surviving Concurrent Modifications. See the Introduction for further details.

Its a very interesting book. Download it now & start reading. If you face any problem with download, let me know.

Happy SQL Coding

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