Friday, October 29, 2010

Monitoring and Tuning Parallel Query Execution + Performance Monitoring and Tuning from www.SQLWorkShops.Com


I am sure we all are aware of and Mr. R Meyyappan.

SQL Bits VI recorded sessions are available at: and we especially recommend you to watch 'Performance Monitoring & Tuning - Documented Tips & Tricks', the content is not part of our previous webcasts.

Monitoring and Tuning Parallel Query Execution:

Performance Monitoring and Tuning - Documented Tips and Tricks:

All my past SQL Bits sessions are available at:

These are very helpful sessions, please spare some time and watch the same.

Happy SQL Coding.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2010

Event Name: Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2010

Location: Waterfront Conference Centre at Grand Copthorne 

392 Havelock Road, Singapore - 169663
+65 6733 0880

Event Date: 26th & 27th Oct 2010

Keynote Announced! - Join Mike Fitzmaurice to hear about "The Evolution of SharePoint from Two Pet Projects to a Multi-Company Ecosystem"

Organiser: The Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference is organised by a group of dedicated SharePoint MVPs and Community Leaders from the Asia Pacific Region who participate and support the community through organising and sharing their knowledge at user group events.

How did SharePoint start and how did it become the centre of the universe in under a decade? Mike Fitzmaurice was there at the beginning, has worked on every product with the word “SharePoint” in it, and continues to work on SharePoint technology today, in a former position for Microsoft and now for a SharePoint partner ISV. He will share with you the motivations behind SharePoint’s creation and evolution, the realities behind how the products ship, why SharePoint caught on so completely, and how SharePoint has grown into something far beyond a single product from a single company.

Fees: Regular Registration fee is $SGD400.00.

This is is the conference to learn about SharePoint 2010 with expert local and international speakers presenting on topics that will help you understand and succeed with your SharePoint implementations and add real value to your organisation and businesses.

In addition to the session content you'll have ample opportunities to network with your peers in the community and technical and industry experts including local and international Microsoft Most Valued Professionals and Southeast Asia's top Certified Partners.

The wider Southeast Asian SharePoint Community (MVPs, User Group Leaders, Partners and Customers) are also valued contributors to the event.

The SharePoint Conference is intended for a wide audience and has content to cover roles such as:

  • Business Roles like End Users, Business Champions, Power Users and Business Managers

  • Information Architects, Record and Information Managers IT Managers, CIO and Decision Makers

  • Technical Roles including Developers, IT Pro, Systems Administration and DBA's Microsoft

  • Technologies covered during the conference include:

  • SharePoint Foundation 2010 SharePoint Server 2010

  • SharePoint Designer 2010

  • Integration with Microsoft Office, InfoPath, Excel, Access and Visio

  • Integration with 3rd Party products enhancing SharePoint functionality

  • Hope you can attend this.



    7 Free .NET Development and Architecture E-books »


    Here are some links to download Free .Net Development and Architecure E-books.

    Foundations Of Programming: The Foundation Of Programming Series Free e-book By Karl Seguin is one of the best book. It is simple, short and sweet. It gives a better thought process – that’ll definitely enable to code better and think better. This book covers the ALT.NET Philosophy, Domain Driven Development concepts, DI, TDD etc in a nice way. Download it

    Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition: An essential read for any Microsoft.NET developer or Architect to understand the underlying architecture and design principles and patterns for developing successful solutions on the Microsoft platform and the .NET Framework. This guide neatly covers popular architecture patterns, best practices and common challenges you need to understand for developing .NET applications. Get a good grip on developing enterprise applications in .NET. Download it

    Rob Miles C# Yellow Book 2010: A nice action packed book that takes you through C# and .NET concepts. This book explains C# language and .NET library in general – with a clear focus on implementation thought process and best practices.
    Rob Miles CSharp Yellow Book 2008.pdf
    Rob Miles CSharp Yellow Book 2009.pdf
    Rob Miles CSharp Yellow Book 2010.pdf

    Threading in C#: A short, neatly written book from Joe Albahari about Threading in C#. This is a must read for any .NET programmer to understand more about threading in general, thread pooling, synchronization, Non blocking synchronization, etc. In this book, Joe even covers the Parallel Framework Extensions and Parallel programming in .NET.

    Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability: Microsoft guide, which focuses on designing your applications with Performance and scalability in mind. It has sections relevant to architects, developers, testers, and administrators. Following the checklists and guidance in this book will ensure that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises in the end. Read this guide if you develop Enterprise applications in .NET.
    Download it

    Applying Design Patterns: A quick introduction towards the thought process of applying design patterns. The objective of the book is to introduce design patterns in a simple way, so that developers can understand some common patterns and how to apply them.
    RefCardz from DZone: DZone has a number of awesome Quick reference sheets on various technologies. Registration is required to get these reference sheets.
    Getting started with WCF 4.0
    Getting Started With Silverlight + Expression Blend
    Essential F#

    Enjoy & Happy Coding