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24 Hours of PASS: Summit 2011 Preview


24 Hours of PASS is back with more sessions on September 7th and 8th. Join knowledgeable SQL Server experts - slated to present in-depth sessions at PASS Summit 2011 - as they preview their SQL Server session topics over these 24 free technical webcasts.
Singapore 8 PM, 
India 5:30 PM

Detail of Sessions: 

  Session 01 Brian Knight
Brian Knight, SQL Server MVP, MCSE, MCDBA, is the co-founder of, and He works as President and lead architect for Pragmatic Works and has written thirteen books on SQL Server over his fifteen year database career.
Presenting: INTRODUCTION TO DATA MINING IN SQL SERVER ANALYSIS SERVICES. Learn how to create a data mining model to predict your best customers, use algorithms to ensure your marketing budget is spent wisely and use Time Series analysis for budgeting and forecasting.
 Session 02 Brent Ozar
Brent Ozar is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server 2008, a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, and co-founder of Brent Ozar PLF. Brent has over a decade of experience with SQL Server, systems administration, SAN administration, virtualization administration, and project management. Brent blogs at like it's going out of style.
Presenting: SAN BASICS FOR DBAs. They keep telling you it's a SQL problem - but is it? Learn the basics about your storage options like RAID 5, RAID 10, solid state drives, and why your biggest bottleneck might be a $5 cable. No storage experience required.
 Session 03 Jonathan Kehayias
Jonathan Kehayias is a Senior Consultant with SQLskills, the youngest MCM for SQL Server 2008 and has been a SQL Server MVP for many years. Jonathan blogs on, tweets as @SQLPoolBoy, and is an expert on Extended Events.
Presenting: DIVING INTO EXTENDED EVENTS. Extended Events provide information about the operations of SQL Server that have never before been available. Close the learning gap between Extended Events and SQL Trace.
 Session 04 Peter Myers
Peter Myers is a highly experienced consultant, trainer, mentor and presenter specializing in Microsoft Business Intelligence.
Presenting: EXPLORING POWERPIVOT FOR EXCEL IN SQL SERVER PROJECT "DENALI". Peter Myers explores the new design experience and modelling features available in PowerPivot for Excel in the upcoming release of SQL Server Project “Denali”.
 Session 05 Aaron Nelson
Aaron Nelson is a Senior SQL Server Architect who holds certifications for MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer, Database Administrator, Database Developer; as well as MCTS: Windows Server Virtualization, Configuration (meaning Hyper-V).
Presenting: WHY POWERSHELL? Windows PowerShell is rapidly becoming the go-to scripting choice of System Administrators, but what does that mean for SQL Server DBAs? We'll explore PowerShell and demonstrate how and why DBAs should use it.
 Session 06 Andy Leonard
Andy Leonard is a consultant and trainer with Linchpin People, LLC. He is active in the SQL Server Community, co-CSO of, and co-author of several books on SQL Server and Integration Services.
Presenting: SSIS IN THE ENTERPRISE. Learn key components of an SSIS Framework to facilitate SSIS development that performs and is manageable in the modern enterprise.
 Session 07 Gail Shaw
Gail Shaw is a SQL MVP from Johannesburg, South Africa, specializing in performance tuning and database optimization.
Presenting: EXTRACTING EXECUTION PLANS. This session will cover assorted ways of obtaining query execution plans from SQL Server.
 Session 08 Allan Hirt
Clustering MVP Allan Hirt is a consultant, published author, speaker, and trainer who has used SQL Server since 1992. Allan travels all over the world to work with and train clients. His most recent book is "Pro SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering".
Presenting: MULTI-SITE FAILOVER CLUSTERING WITH SQL SERVER 2008, 2008 R2, and DENALI. Learn how to plan a multi-site cluster deployment for SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, and Denali.
 Session 09 Stacia Misner + Denny Cherry
Stacia Misner and Denny Cherry are Microsoft MVPs with 25 years IT experience between them; Stacia focuses on the BI side and Denny focuses on the core engine side. Between them they have written 14 books and hundreds of articles.
Presenting: SO HOW DOES THE BI WORKLOAD IMPACT THE DB ENGINE? In this session, we review the architecture of SQL Server and its BI components and deployment options for optimal performance. We'll also discuss how day-to-day BI operations impact the database engine.
 Session 10 Maciej Pilecki
Maciej Pilecki is a SQL Server MVP, Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Senior Consultant with Project Botticelli. He is passionate about the internals of the SQL Server database engine, Storage Engine and Query Optimizer, and Performance Tuning.
Presenting: SECRETS OF THE SQLOS. This session will explore a mysterious component of Microsoft SQL Server: its own internal built-in operating system, or SQLOS.
 Session 11 Glenn Berry
Glenn works as a Database Architect at Avalara in Denver, CO. He is a SQL Server MVP, and Adjunct Faculty member at University College - University of Denver.
Presenting: HARDWARE 301: DIVING DEEPER INTO DATABASE HARDWARE. Making the right hardware selection decisions is very important for database scalability. Having properly sized and configured hardware can both increase application performance reduce capital expenses.
 Session 12 Grant Fritchey
Grant Fritchey: Red Gate Software Product Evangelist, Author, MVP, Consultant, Speaker, Blogger, a Scary DBA.
Presenting: ALL ABOUT EXECUTION PLANS: READING EXECUTION PLANS. This session introduces the basics of reading execution plans. Learn where to start and how to proceed when reading your own plans.
 Session 13 Adam Jorgensen
Adam Jorgensen, President of Pragmatic Works, SQL MVP and SSAS Maestro co-course director is focused on democratizing SQL Server technology. He mentors executive teams & drives towards this goal designing & delivering world-class solutions.
Presenting: ZERO TO CUBE - FAST TRACK TO SSAS DEVELOPMENT. Attendees will learn how to drive and build an Analysis Services cube and reports as they rotate through the podium as volunteers.
 Session 14 Rob Farley
Rob Farley (MVP and MCT) runs Australian consultancy LobsterPot Solutions. He is hosting a pre-conference seminar at the PASS Summit 2011, showing ways that a better understanding of Advanced T-SQL features can be used to fix queries.
Presenting: FIXING QUERIES WITH UNIQUENESS. In my pre-con seminar, Fixing Queries through Advanced T-SQL Techniques, I’ll be looking at ways you can make your queries run faster. In this 24HOP session I'll be looking at Uniqueness, and the impact that this can have.
 Session 15 Edwin Sarmiento
Edwin Sarmiento is a SQL Server DBA/Windows Engineer for Pythian, a global remote DBA services provider. He is very passionate about technology but has interests in music, professional and organizational development, leadership and management matters.
Presenting: DISASTER RECOVERY IS NOT JUST ABOUT TECHNOLOGY. This session will describe the principles that should drive disaster recovery strategies and how they need to become the foundation of the technology solutions that you need to implement.
 Session 16 Jes Borland
Jes Schultz Borland is a Database Administrator at Kimberly Clark. She holds an AAS - Programmer/Analyst degree. She has worked with SQL Server since 2007, focusing on Reporting Services and day-to-day administration.
Presenting: RERPORTING SERVICES 201: FROM BASIC TO WOW! You have solid, reliable reports that you and others depend on. Learn how to take them from basic to "wow", using features such as tablix, lists, images, and charts.
 Session 17 Karen Lopez
Karen Lopez has 20+ years of data architecture experience on large, multi-project programs. A new SQL Server MVP, she wants you to love your data.
Presenting: 5 PHYSICAL DATABASE DESIGN BLUNDERS & HOW TO AVOID THEM. Mistakes can cost you dearly: performance snags, development delays and bugs. Learn how to: find blunders, get tips on how to avoid them, talk about and defend design recommendations.
 Session 18 Adam Machanic
Adam Machanic is a Boston-based independent database consultant, writer, and speaker. He has written for numerous web sites, magazines, and books. He loves performance monitoring and shortening his bio for the sake of LiveMeeting.
Presenting: BASELINE BASICS OR WHO BROKE THE DATABASE. Does the server seem a bit sluggish today? Is a quick glance at performance counters not revealing any obvious culprit? Where should you go next?
 Session 19 Audrey Hammonds
Audrey Hammonds is a BI Consultant for Key2 Consulting and one half of the Datachix ( She holds MCTS certifications in SQL Server 2008 Database Development and SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence.
Presenting: T-SQL AWESOMENESS: 3 WAYS TO WRITE COOL SQL. There are some truly awesome ways to make your data do just what you need it to do, while improving performance and/or readability. Come learn new-school ways to expand your T-SQL repertoire.
 Session 20 Don Kiely
Don Kiely is a technology consultant and database application developer in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Presenting: CODE-FIRST DEVELOPMENT WITH THE ENTITY FRAMEWORK. Code-first development in Entity Framework is a new feature of version 4.1, based on custom .NET classes. Define your objects then let EF create the database. This session explores this great new feature.
 Session 21 Simon Sabin
Simon Sabin is a principal consultant for SQLKnowHow who specialize in the high perf/big data SQL Server systems. His focus is troubleshooting and mentoring teams responsible for such systems. He is a SQL Server MVP and MCM and is the founder of SQLBits.
Presenting: ADVANCED REPORTING SERVICES. Slicers are an interactivity feature available in Excel and Crescent. Learn to use features such as multi valued parameters, expression formatting and custom code to show you how to add slicers to reporting services reports.
 Session 22 Victor Isakov
Victor Isakov (MCA, MCM, MCT, MVP) is a Database Architect and Trainer who provides consulting and training services to various organizations in the public, private and NGO sectors globally. He regularly speaks at international conferences and has authored a number of books on SQL Server.
Presenting: IMPORTANT TRACE FLAGS THAT EVERY DBA SHOULD KNOW. In this session, Victor Isakov will present the important trace flags that all DBAs should know, what they do, when to implement them and how best to implement them in a production environment.
 Session 23 Jorge Segarra
Jorge Segarra is a DBA-turned-BI Consultant for Pragmatic Works consulting, SQL Server MVP, and a Regional Mentor for PASS. He is the founder of SQL University which can be found at his blog,
Presenting: POLICY-BASED MANAGEMENT IN A NUTSHELL. Discover Policy-Based Management, a powerful and easy-to-configure feature added in SQL Server 2008. Learn how to set these up in your own shops, set up an elegant (and free) reporting solution, and much, much more!
 Session 24 Paul Turley
Paul Turley is a Mentor for SolidQ and a SQL Server MVP who has been architecting, managing and developing applications and business intelligence solutions for large and small businesses since 1992. He holds the current MCTS and MCITP certifications for SQL Server BI.
Presenting: VISUAL REPORT DESIGN: BRINGING SEXY BACK. BI is all the rage but you don’t have to invest in an entire BI platform to have fresh, usable reports. Learn design techniques applicable to enterprise analytic solutions and smaller-scale operational reporting.

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