Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 Leverage Points for SQL Server Performance and Management


SSWUG.org has come up with a session on 5 Leverage Points for SQL Server Performance and Management. Watch this session Stephen Wynkoop discuss about SQL Server Performance Management with Scott Walz.

Here is the agenda of the session:

When used wisely, there are five critical leverage points where SQL Server DBAs and Developers can reap disproportionally large gains in both productivity and SQL Server performance. During this lively conversation with real world examples, Stephen Wynkoop and Scott Walz will discuss the 5 leverage points every DBA and Developer needs to focus on to increase SQL Server Performance and Manageability.

The Five Leverage Points Just one example of what Stephen and Scott will demonstrate around each leverage point:
Object management How to reverse engineer objects in seconds and place them within a project framework
Managing database change from development through productionHow identifying database change doesn’t have to be like finding a needle in a haystack
Optimizing SQL through the use of Visual SQL Tuning (VST) DiagramsHow you can now do in minutes what used to take hours or days
Identify the “what if” scenarios and see their impact on database performanceHow to identify “what if” scenarios and load test them BEFORE promoting to production
Managing upgrades and multiple versions of SQL ServerHow to boost performance and productivity across all versions of SQL Server

You’ll also learn the one thing you should NEVER do as a SQL Server database professional. Both Stephen and Scott have seen veterans and novices alike make this mistake.

Click Here to view it.

Hopefully it will be useful.


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