Saturday, November 20, 2010

SQL Server Team based Development


Red-Gate has another excellent book on SQL Server Team based development by Phil Factor, Grant Fritchey, Alex Kuznetsov, and Mladen Prajdić

This book shows how to use of a mixture of home-grown scripts, native SQL Server tools, and tools from the Red Gate SQL Toolbelt, to successfully develop database applications in a team environment, and make database development as similar as possible to "normal" development.

Following are the topics covered in this book:
Chapter 1: Writing Readable SQL
Chapter 2: Documenting your Database
Chapter 3: Change Management and Source Control
Chapter 4: Managing Deployments
Chapter 5: Testing Databases
Chapter 6: Reusing T-SQL Code
Chapter 7: Maintaining a Code Library
Chapter 8: Exploring your Database Schema
Chapter 9: Searching DDL and Build Scripts
Chapter 10: Automating CRUD
Chapter 11: SQL Refactoring



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