Thursday, December 31, 2009

Case Sensitive database and use of Distinct clause


In general, we don't have case sensitive database but whenever we have a sensitive database we need to watch out for Distinct statement.

Let's create a new database with coalation as case sensitive:

Click on Options and change the COLLATION to SQL_LATIN1_GENERAL_CP1_CS_AS

Now let's create a table in it and insert data in that table.
create table dbo.DisTest
Id int identity,
name varchar(100)

insert into dbo.DisTest
values ('Name1'), 

select * from dbo.DisTest

Now let's enter name as 'NAME3' & use distinct with select statement.
Insert into dbo.DisTest

Select distinct name from dbo.DisTest

In this situation, what to do to avoid duplicate values:

We can execute following query to get distinct values:

Select distinct name Collate SQL_LATIN1_GENERAL_CP1_CI_AS from dbo.DisTest

Finally, We saw that whenever we setup/create database we must think about what collation we want.

Do let me know if there is any issue.

Happy SQL Coding

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